Why Virtual Train with Colleen?

Well-designed virtual training programs take into account the learning objectives, target audience, and the most suitable instructional strategies for the online environment. Virtual training allows access to learning materials and sessions from anywhere with an internet connection.

Virtual Training programs with Colleen Holiday consist of individualized programs based on corrective exercise, client goals, and sessions per week. While other trainers often give pre-recorded or one size fits all workouts – Colleen tailors your program to meet your goals. Colleen’s fitness programs include nutrition, so there are never additional costs or surprises. All programs are monthly and come with the same attention to detail as in-person training.

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“Training virtually with Colleen Holiday has been life-changing… it’s been so effective that I’m beginning to feel this might be preferable! I’m a busy mom and the time-saving ease of training at home is so valuable. Colleen is very observant of my execution of each exercise, providing quick and helpful feedback as if she was right there in person. I highly recommend working with Colleen virtually — from wherever you are!”
– L.S.

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