Over the course of 30-plus years of training to achieve my goals, I’ve known literally hundreds of fellow trainees, coaches, personal trainers and professional athletes. Never have I met a more extraordinary individual than Colleen Holiday. In addition to her obvious beauty and impeccable physique, I have found Colleen to be even more outstanding as a person and as a true friend. Always quick with an encouraging word, this outstanding fitness professional has countless times offered advice that has benefited me greatly in my personal training goals. Not once has she ever been discouraging, and she is truly interested in seeing me succeed. I would encourage anyone interested in personal improvement and those wanting to take their training and fitness to the next level to contact Colleen Holiday.

 – Donny A.

“Thanks, Colleen. I honestly appreciate what you’re doing. I’m getting the results I want–keeps me motivated. The fact that I’m at a place that I haven’t seen in 20-plus years is a testament to how good you are. We all give you shit, but you’re awesome.”

 – Dr. Justin W.

“This afternoon, as we mixed concrete to set the poles for our wood shed, my husband was admiring how strong I was in mixing. And, he said that one of the smartest things that I ever did was signing up with Colleen.”

 – R. V.

I’ve been working with Colleen for almost 18 months now. I have had great success working with her during this time even with the challenges I faced along the way. This is not my first attempt at changing my lifestyle. In the past, when I attempted to change, I always went at it alone because I read the books and did the workouts I know. That got me only so far, and I wanted more. I had a lifelong dream of stepping on stage and, now, decided to fulfill that dream. I met Colleen through bodybuilding.com and became interested in signing up for her services after we started chatting. I never had a personal trainer before because I didn’t feel like I needed someone to stand over me and count my reps for me; however, Colleen has been a great help to me. In the time I’ve worked with Colleen, I’ve faced many personal challenges, and she has been the most supportive person I’ve had. I believe this speaks volumes about Colleen and how she cares about her clients. She has gone above and beyond for me as well as for her other clients I know.

 – Ralph H.

You have never been average.